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Project Title: Columbus Emergency Bridge Project 
Project Owner: Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)
General Contractor: Shelly & Sands Inc. 
Location: Franklin County, Columbus Ohio 
Description:  Vasta Construction Co., Inc. completed major structural repairs to two, I-70 over I-270, overpasses demolished in a tanker truck fire. Employees patched delaminated concrete and applied several carbon fiber wrap systems to piers and substructures to restore the structure’s integrity. Vasta worked night and day to make both structures safe for public use and completed construction ahead of schedule. Click Here to read the article "Feel The Heat" for more information about this project.

Project Title: Seawall Concrete Repairs Project 
Project Owner: The Harbour HOA 
General Contractor: Vasta Construction Company Inc. 
Location: Erie County, Sandusky Ohio 
Description: Vasta repaired, sealed and painted delaminated concrete on 11 seawalls throughout the HOA’s elegant development. The environmentally cautious work required crews to work on barges, anchored to each seawall, in the picturesque gated community whose channel connects directly to Lake Erie.

Project Title: Plum Brook Station Tank Foundation Project Project 
Project Owner: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 
General Contractor: Terrace Construction Company Inc. 
Location: Erie County, Sandusky Ohio
Description: In order to meet NASA’s load capacity standards, Vasta used epoxy injection to strengthen the foundation of the storage tank on-site.

Project Title: 39-14-02 Lanes and Shoulder Reconstruction Project
Project Owner: Ohio Turnpike Infrastructure Commission (OTIC)
General Contractor: Kokosing Construction Company Inc.
Location: Cuyahoga County, Strongsville Ohio
Description: Repaired all delaminated concrete areas on the five bridges, throughout the length of the project, to achieve structural soundness and safe travel for the public. 

Project Title: Solstice Steps Project 
Project Owner: City of Lakewood 
General Contractor: The Great Lakes Construction Company 
Location: Cuyahoga County, Lakewood Ohio
Description: Applied Graffiti Control Weather Sealer to the new solstice steps at Lakewood Park to protect the park’s beauty for future generations and years to come.  

Project Title: 140057 I-77 Structure Repair Project 
Project Owner: ODOT 
General Contractor: Shelly & Sands Inc. 
Location: Summit County, Akron Ohio 
Description: Repaired and sealed concrete on more than 15 bridges and structures, from the SR8 & I-77 interchange to I-277. With over 11,000 man hours clocked by Vasta Construction Co., Inc. this project was completed with the utmost attention to detail and safety in mind.

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